Hurricane Dorian Relief is on the minds of everyone.  I don’t need to tell you that Grand Bahama, Abaco and it’s surrounding out islands desperately need your help.  These places are basically, rebuilding from scratch.  I thought I’d try to organize the list of REPUTABLE opportunities to help everyone out. Each of these will be verified through social media, local contacts and U.S. sources to the best of my ability. There will certainly be more as time goes by.  PLEASE EMAIL ME AT CHRIS@LAZYBUNZ.COM OR MESSAGE ME ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE HERE. with any others I should add along with supporting verification.

Together, we can make a huge difference as quickly as possible.  The Abacos will survive and be better than ever!




Albury Brothers Boats Relief Effort (Primarily for Man O War Cay)



Please be advised that NO MORE DELIVERIES will be accepted at Albury Brothers in Rivera Beach, nor the Fort Pierce drop off point after TUESDAY 9/10/19 at 1pm. The response has been amazing, overwhelming, and the generosity by others will be forever appreciated. The request for supplies has been overwhelmingly met, the warehouse is FULL and the port location is OVERFLOWING.

Both Man O War Cay and Hope Town are in need of CASH DONATIONS to fund the rebuild of their infrastructure. This is a long term rebuild project and the joint effort of so many is heartwarming. The Cays do have SPECIFIC NEEDS that need to be met, such as heavy equipment and construction materials, and those needs will change. It is imperative that you MUST HAVE PRIOR PERMISSION GRANTED FROM ONE OF THE EMAIL ADDRESSES BELOW, before dropping items off to any new, yet to be announced locations. Donations to MOW Donations to Hope Town

Cash donations may also be made to McCulley Marine at 2309 N Old Dixie Hwy. Ft. Pierce, Fl 34946. Indicate “MOW fuel & relief account” in the memo section of the check. Originally set up to supply the Cay with diesel, we have expanded the scope to cover unbudgeted barge expenses. McCulley has been generous and trusting; doing this relief operation basically at cost, asked nothing in advance, and pushed back lucrative relief work, to keep their word to us.
If you want to transport materials to Abaco personally, the regular channels will be back in operation soon. You can hire McCulley Marine 772-489-6069 to deliver your items. Other firms include Tropical Shipping 800-367-6200/561-881-3900, and United Abaco Shipping/Gulfstream Heavylift 561-840-9393, from the Port of Palm Beach

Click HERE to be redirected to Albury Brothers Facebook page.


Hurricane Dorian Relief for Elbow Cay (Only Elbow Cay)

Hurricane Dorian has completely devastated Elbow Cay and the surrounding islands in Abaco .  Hope Town holds a special place in many people’s hearts. Their residents will need our support over the coming months and years as they work to rebuild and recover. The Winslow Family and the Sands Family Foundation will match, dollar for dollar, all donations up to $100,000 for the purchase of critical supplies such as diapers, baby food, tarps, clothing, water, fuel, food and medical supplies.   Additionally, Constellation Brands will be donating use of their corporate plane to transport supplies being gathered in New York down to Florida where we are working with Poseidon Shipping to transport over to Elbow Cay.  If you require a tax deduction, we will be working with Rochester, NY-based not-for-profit Intervol who will be helping us organize the relief efforts as well as on-site medical support and I will provide a direct link to their site where you can also contribute to this effort.  I will be personally accompanying the delivery of these supplies to Elbow Cay.  100% of your donations will go towards the purchase of supplies.  Thank you for all your love and support.  ABOUT THE FUNDRAISER:  Matt Winslow, his wife Courtney Sands Winslow and their three children are building a home on Elbow Cay and have been visiting this special island for more than a decade.  Courtney’s family, the Sands, are founders and controlling shareholders of Constellation Brands, the largest multi-category beverage alcohol company in the world.

Click HERE to be redirected to their “Go Fund Me” site.


Thirsty Cuda/Malone Family (Elbow Cay)

After the destructive wake of Hurricane Dorian on the small island of Hope Town, Abaco, the Malone family is seeking assistance. This group of hard-working individuals lost their homes and their livelihood in the storm and are looking to rebuild. The Thirsty Cuda was a unique floating restaurant-bar run solely by the Malones at Tahiti Beach in Hope Town almost daily (weather permitting.) Unfortunately, the Thirsty Cuda is severely damaged from the hurricane and will need major repairs before it can be functional again. The Malone family has made Hope Town their home for 10 generations, dating back to the Wyannie Malone and the loyalists. All donations will go to rebuilding the homes of the Malone family, as well as rebuilding the Thirsty Cuda. Their hope is to rebuild their homes and livelihood and be ready to open as soon as tourists start to return to the Abaco Islands and pick up right where they left off. All donations will go to – Mark and Sharmon Malone ( My Parents) Dana Malone( my sister) Kaylyn Malone and her children ( my sister, niece and nephew) And to rebuild our family business (The Thirsty Cuda)

Click HERE to be redirected to their “Go Fund Me” page


Abaco Strong Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund (Abaco Island)

This is the OFFICIAL GO FUND ME PAGE for the 7,500 members of the FACEBOOK Group ABACO, BAHAMAS – LIVING ON ISLAND TIME, created by group founders Mike Meldeau and Dave Meldeau. We have established this GO FUND ME page to assist with gathering emergency financial donations for distribution directly to the beautiful people, families and communities of ABACO, BAHAMAS. The situation is dire. An emergency exists today for all necessities to sustain life including food, water and shelter. Your help is desperately needed. 


Donations collected on this Go Fund Me page WILL NOT BE GIVEN TO THE BAHAMIAN GOVERNMENT. Instead, these funds will be given directly to local churches, schools and nonprofit organizations located in these communities for distribution to those MOST in need. Additionally, aid may be flown or shipped in and/or purchased on island for distribution freely to those in need. 100% of the proceeds of this Go Fund Me page will go to the people of Abaco Bahamas. 

 Proof of distribution will be made public on the FACEBOOK Group ABACO BAHAMAS, LIVING ON ISLAND TIME.  

Click HERE to be redirected to their “Go Fund Me” site.


Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue (Hope Town)

Former HTVFR cadet and Hope Town boy, Neil Hingle.  Neil asks that you drop off supplies to his house in Jupiter and he’ll arrange to get it to Abaco.

Abaco Relief

55 Pine Tree Place

Jupiter, FL  33469

HTVFR also has their own fundraising page.  Click HERE to access it.

For larger donations and for U.S. residents who want to make a tax-deductible donation to Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue you can do so through PERC, Inc.
Send checks to:
PERC, Inc.
P.O. Box 232
Grand Isle, VT 05458
Checks should be made out to PERC and should specify HTVF&R as the intended recipient and include the donor’s email address in order to facilitate delivery of the tax receipt. The minimum donation amount is $250.00.
PERC is a registered U.S 501(c)(3) non-profit created in 1998 to assist charitable efforts in Hope Town and Abaco. PERC will facilitate the immediate delivery of donated funds to HTVF&R and will provide a receipt to the donor.
PERC is governed by an independent board of directors made up of long-term Hope Town residents and homeowners. For more information visit:


Boston Whaler (All Area via Third Wave and Old Bahama Bay)

Our hearts go out to all those impacted by Hurricane Dorian. We’re committed to helping our friends and neighbors in the Bahamas, and we invite the Boston Whaler community to come together and lend a hand.

Below are several great ways to donate funds and supplies. Boston Whaler will be making donations to both Third Wave and Old Bahama Bay Resort, and we will continue to provide updates on the relief efforts. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support!

Click HERE to be redirected to the Boston Whaler site


Contender Boats, Maverick Boat Group & NMMA (All Area)

Third Wave is a registered 501c3. They have deployed medical personnel and supplies via boat to the Abacos and have a C130 transport plane going back and forth from Miami with supplies. Supplies they are in need of at this point are tents for people to sleep in, cleaning supplies, chainsaws and clearing equipment, work gloves and generators. Commissioner Russell has assisted with securing a warehouse in Wynwood to collect supplies and they are receiving assistance at the Opa Locka airport as well.
While many in the industry are likely unable to supply tents and chainsaws, there is great need for monetary donations. Contender Boats, Maverick Boat Group, along with NMMA, are encouraging the industry to contribute and reach a minimum combined donation of $250,000 to relief efforts. Contender, Maverick and NMMA have each pledged $10,000. 
Click HERE for more information

HCB Center Console Yachts Hurricane Dorian Relief Effort (All Area)

Click HERE to be redirected to the Plantation Boat Mart website


For the Love of Abaco Hurricane Dorian Relief (Abaco)

We will be providing a hurricane relief effort to abaco leaving with three DONATED planes on Wednesday to Nassau with supplies and food where we will  leave on also DONATED boats to the Abaco islands.  We have 2000-5000 emergency meals already being secured and need tons of other supplies.  We need your help and support.

We are building a team on the ground to dispense the relief efforts.    

Money will be used to purchase Emergency Food, Baby Food, Tarps, Duct Tape, Nails, Batteries, Solar Power Chargers, and Flashlights (donated by Q-Beam Flashlights).  We have purchased chain saws and other material. This is a huge project and we really need your help.

100% is proceeds go to relief efforts for the people on Abaco.   We will use your funds wisely.

Update:  Just heard we will be on the national news tomorrow.   Also i have two more planes being commited, plus the US Government is sending two tactical helicopters to help take our supplies over.  

We are working with our advisors to establish a 501 (c)(3).

Keep the donations coming.

Click HERE to visit their “Go Fund Me” page.


Hope 4 Hope Town Abacos  Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund (Hope Town)

So they need us guys… soon as we can get there…

With the funds raised here we will help… however we can… we are going to send boats, helicopters, planes…. whatever we can… with tents… batteries… food…. water… medical supplies… whatever we can do… The islands & people of the Northern Bahamas have many many people who love them … so good things will be done here… we just need the funds…

We have BOATS & PLANES ready… we just need to get the supplies… which is where this comes in!!!!

I know of 6 Planes & 4 Yachts waiting & ready… and I know there are more… reach out to me for any questions or if you want to help!!!! 

We are raising these funds through my little brother memorial Roger’s  Memorial fund the Roger Jennings Davis Memorial Fund Inc (Roger Jennings Davis Memorial Fund) ~ aka THE ROGER RULES… so all of this is going directly to the charity so that we can utilize the funds for good, which I know my late little brother sure would love. 🙂

Thank you guys so much & every little bit here will help… $5, $10, $10,000 it doesn’t matter just know it will help.   ALL 100% tax deductible.

We Love You Hope Town & All!!
Dorian Assistance for Northern Bahamas & HOPE 4 HOPE TOWN
Patrick Davis ~ Songwriters In Paradise

Click HERE to visit their “Go Fund Me” page.


Green Turtle Cay/Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund (Green Turtle Cay)

In addition to monetary donations, we will be sharing drop-off locations for items that are needed as soon as we can get planes on the ground and the seas calm enough to get boats to the island. 

We guarantee that 100% of these funds will go directly to the residents of Green Turtle Cay and the long road ahead to rebuild. We know there are so many people that hold this special island in their hearts and now it is our turn to show them how loved they are and that we will be with them every step of the way. All donations are run through Green Turtle Cay Foundation which is a 501c3 Charity so all your generosity will be tax deductible.

The money raised through this fund will be used for generators, fuel, tarps, roofing materials, food, water, personal hygiene products, diapers, formula, pet supplies, paper products, pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, air mattresses, duct tape, extension cords, box fans, batteries, flashlights, cleaning supplies, first aid kits, tools, garbage bags, etc.

Click HERE to be redirected to their “Go Fund Me” site


Suncoast for the Northern Bahamas/Yellowfin Yachts (All Abacos)

We are starting this group as an attempt to streamline and organize the overwhelming support and posts we have seen from friends, family and persons that love or hold the Bahamas near and dear to them looking to donate supplies, aid and or financial assistance. Our location on the Florida West Coast creates a challenge for relief to make it to Abaco and Grand Bahama. By coming together and creating a central hub for all supplies to be dropped off. We can then streamline these supplies into a logistics process, delivering via inland freight over to the the Ports on the East Coast that will be running regular shipments to The Northern Bahamas.

Click HERE to be redirected to their Facebook page


Briland Animal Rescue (For Animal-Specific Aid)

Briland Animal Rescue seeks to help feed, shelter, and rescue animals on Harbour Island and other islands in the Bahamas. Our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. Back in 2000, our Animal Rescue Service realized that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently, and that is why we ultimately decided to launch Briland Animal Rescue.

Click HERE to be redirected to their website


Official Bahamas Hurricane Dorian Relief Page (Includes Physical Drop-Off Locations in the U.S.)

We have received numerous communications from individuals, governments and corporations inquiring about how one can render help to those who were affected by Hurricane Dorian.

This page has been established as a resource center to help aide many in need. We will continue to update this page with the most relevant information so we can provide the necessary assistance to the many who are willing to lend a helping hand.  We are eternally grateful.

Click HERE to be redirected to their website


City of Miami “BAHAMASTRONG” Relief Effort (General Area)

If Miami is spared the worst of Hurricane Dorian, we’ll have plenty of newly purchased emergency supplies that we can offer to those who need it the most. The Bahamas have been devastated and we are dedicated to helping as much as possible as fast as possible.  Please drop off the following list of items to the City of Miami Fire Stations listed below as well as Greater St. Paul AME Church and Christ Episcopal Church, both in historically Bahamian Coconut Grove.

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Old Bahama Bay (West End, Grand Bahama Hurricane Dorian Recovery) 

Old Bahama Bay will be the Command Center for all donated hurricane relief supplies in West End, Grand Bahama and is working in cooperation with the Bahamas Government, Local Authorities and NEMA-Bahamas (National Emergency Management Agency). Old Bahama Bay is the largest employer in the western district of Grand Bahama Island.

Our goal is to raise One Million Dollars. “We exceeded our goal during Matthew which greatly helped rebuild the village of West End and we are hopeful we will exceed Hurricane Dorian’s goal as well since we now must aid not just West End, but all of Grand Bahama and Abaco as well,” said John MacDonald, HOA President, Old Bahama Bay Resort. “We are working in conjunction with Mike Schmidt’s Winners Circle Foundation in this effort. Mike has held fundraising tournaments out of OBB for the last ten years.”

Click HERE for their “Go Fund Me” page

Click HERE for more info via Florida Sportsman


HeadKnowles/Staniel Cay Yacht Club/Makers Air (All Abacos Aid)

We have managed over $2M in relief funds Hurricane Joaquin relief in 2015. Once again in 2016, we established a committed group of volunteers who worked tirelessly to assist those devastated during Hurricane Matthew for Ragged Island, North Andros, Grand Bahama and New Providence. In that effort, which is still ongoing, we have managed over $4mil to date. 

The money we receive will go directly to purchasing these essential supplies and we will provide our donors with financial statements to account for every dollar donated. Donors will be able to see with all transparency that their money is being used to get our Northern Island communities what they need.  Money will be withdrawn to Lia Head-Rigby’s personal bank account and forwarded promptly to the HeadKnowles bank account for use.

We have teams on the ground in these islands who will begin immediate assessments once the all clear is sounded. We do fully support the efforts of The Bahamas Red Cross and Nema, however, we are in the position to mobilize immediately and not await the lengthy time frame that government has in place. We are in contact now with volunteers who have put 30 planes and over 1,000 boaters in place for distribution of persons and supplies once it is safe. Having learned from our past efforts, we have arranged for local water distributors in Grand Bahama and Abaco to provide free water so we don’t have to waste precious funds transporting this heavy but absolutely essential necessity. 

We are also partnering with various organizations in Florida and our other islands as collection for food, water, clothes, toiletries etc. This is so we can concentrate on moving essential supplies like generators, tarps, chainsaws and rebuilding supplies which is where we need your help the most. So we would be ever so grateful for your donation, as we can get the supplies out to those devastated and washed out communities in Abaco, Bimini and Grand Bahama, first. 

Click HERE to be redirected to their “Go Fund Me” page

Click HERE to be redirected to their Facebook Group Page (Need to Join First)




The Abacos-area of the Bahamas is of the most beautiful areas in the world.  So many people from all over visit and the locals rely on tourism as their primary livelihood.  Here are some videos of what it used to look like (and hopefully will again). I figured it’s a positive reminder of how awesome the area is and a little intro for those who’ve never visited.  







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