Boating without owning is easier than you think. Thanks to some new options created recently, it’s never been better to enjoy all the benefits of owning a boat without the hassles. Here’s how to do it.


The most obvious way to enjoy boating without owning is to simply rent a boat. Nowadays, there are boat rental companies located almost everywhere. Renting a boat is the quickest and least costly way to spend the day on the water. All that’s required is food, drinks, and maybe some water floats and you’re set.


Boatsetter is a relatively new concept that provides privately owned boats as rentals. The big advantage with Boatsetter is the quality of the vessel is typically much better than a traditional rental and in some cases, they are easier to book. They are perfect for people who already know what they’re doing however if they’re not skilled, a professional boat captain can be added.


Boat clubs are another way to enjoy boating without owning. Clubs like Freedom Boat Club, Carefree Boat Club, and many others provide their members with a fleet of boats that they can use. For a cost that includes an initiation fee and monthly payment, members can use a variety of boats in their local area or elsewhere. The major benefit of a boat club is the ability to use boats regularly without the added cost and maintenance of ownership. The major negative is it still isn’t cheap and it may be hard to secure a boat at the time you want. Regardless, boat clubs are very popular, and for good reason.


Private boat charters are another example of enjoying boating without owning. We’ve all heard of fishing charters but many charter companies specialize in eco-tours, private parties, sandbar excursions, and sightseeing. Also, you can charter large yachts and island-hop if you want to splurge.


The absolute best way to enjoy boating without owning a boat is to go out on a friends’ boat. This is the least expensive option but it also can be the most fun. The key is to be helpful and fun and you’re likely to be invited back regularly. Also, it’s always nice to offer to pay for gas and offer to help clean up when the day is done but often, that’s not even required. Boaters who own boats love being around their friends so this is a “win-win”.
As you can see, there are lots of alternatives to owning a boat while still enjoying a day on the water.

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