Boating has become even more popular during the past year. Given its’ appeal, here are the top YouTube boating channels that I follow and you should consider too.

BOAT US (Boater Education)

Boat US is one of the oldest and most respected organizations that represents boaters. This YouTube channel is great because it features lots of meaningful content, specifically, content relating to education, safety, boat types, boat handling techniques and so much more. This is a great foundational channel to subscribe to. In addition, Boat US is an organization you should consider joining. I’ve been a member for over 20 years and love it.

DISCOVER BOATING (Boater Education and Reviews)

Discover Boating is the public awareness effort powered by the North American recreational boating company. This YouTube channel focuses on mostly boat models and boat activities. The goal of this channel is to make new boaters or prospective boaters informed about what type of boat to buy and the boating lifestyle.

BOATTEST.COM (Boat Reviews) has been consistently providing quality content for over 20 years. This YouTube channel has over 3,000 videos that consist of tests, reviews, factory tours and interviews. It’s another foundational channel that you should consider subscribing to.

ZIP ZAP POWER (Boats Traversing Inlets)

As far as I can tell, Zip Zap Power is one of the first YouTube channels to focus on the boats traversing Haulover Inlet. Since then, numerous other sites have followed Zip Zap’s lead. The reason is simple…entertaining content! I enjoy this channel because I like seeing all the different types of beautiful boats and also enjoy watching to see if the boat captains have success or encounter difficulties. The sea deserves respect and so does this channel.

BRONCOS GURU (Mix of Boating Fails)

Bronos Guru is kind of like the “Qualified Captain” of YouTube. For those who don’t know, “The Qualified Captain” is one of the most popular boating sites on Instagram but they don’t have a YouTube channel. Bronco’s channel is kind of like it. It’s very entertaining to watch and equally shocking at the same time. It’s amazing to me how many bad boaters exist on the water! You will definitely want to subscribe to this channel.




WAVY BOATS (Boats Traversing Inlets)

Wavy Boats is another of the original YouTube channels that focused on Haulover Inlet and I enjoy it for all the same reasons as Zip Zap Power. Wavy Boats appears to be the sister channel to Broncos Guru and is narrated by the same person.

BORN AGAIN BOATING (Maintenance, Repairs)

Born Again Boating is a fantastic YouTube channel. Its focus is on outboard motor repair and other projects relating to boating and other machinery. The creator of this channel knows his stuff! Born Again Boating has only been around since 2017 but it already has a ton of followers and it’s easy to see why. Definitely consider subscribing to this channel.

OUT ON THE REEF (Small Boat Excursions)

I like this channel because the creator uses a simple boat that everyone can relate to. Out of the Reef not only spends time fishing but he also spends time teaching his viewers about his boat projects, maintenance, overnight excursions and general boating. I really enjoy his content and I think you will too.

FLORIDA POWERBOAT CLUB (Speedboats, Babes and Poker Runs)

Florida Powerboat Club is pretty much as described in the title, “Speedboats, Babes and Poker Runs”. This YouTube channel is the product of Stu Jones. Stu is a leader in the powerboat industry and knows his stuff. This channel is filled with all kinds of eye candy and is worth following for sure.

FRESCO CHANNEL (South Florida Family Boating)

I started following Fresco Channel a couple of years ago and I really enjoy his content. What I like most is that the channel is family-oriented and Fresco takes his viewers on weekend trips throughout South Florida. Recently, his family purchased a house on the West Coast of Florida so I’m sure lots of new content is coming.

LAZY LOCATIONS (Boating Locations)

Of course, I’m partial to this one because it’s my own. Lazy Locations focuses on boating and beach locations all over Florida and The Bahamas. I initially started the channel to house 360 videos for my website ( but it has become a channel that now details traditional videos and “how to” videos. This channel is a must for the new boater or someone who’s considering buying a boat or looking for that secluded beach. It’s also great for seasoned boaters who want to explore new locations.





Center Consoles Only is a great channel because they focus on high quality boating reviews of center console boats. If you’re in the market for a large center console (typically, over 30ft) this channel is for you.

JARED WATNEY (Life Aboard a Mega Yacht)

Jared Watney is a fantastic YouTube channel if you like Mega Yachts. Jared is a crewman onboard a 148” luxury vessel called “Bella”. His channel is filled with content that inspires, informs, and shows the pros and cons of the Mega Yacht life.

SAILING DOODLES (Sailing Adventures)

There are a ton of YouTube channels that focus on sailing but Sailing Doodles is probably my favorite because its’ founder is relatable and the content is a little more fun. Recently, he purchased a powerboat so the channel will have both power and sail, making it a little more unique than the others.

FLEMING YACHTS (Global Cruising)

I love this channel because not only are these boats beautiful but the cruising content is amazing and captivating.The “Venture” series is breathtaking. I highly recommend Fleming Yachts to add to your YouTube boating channel list.

ABOARD MERMAID MONSTER (Family Living Aboard a Nordhavn)

I just discovered this channel recently. Aboard Mermaid Monster is about a Southern California couple who sold everything and live on a 55’ Nordhavn full time with two young kids. This is a great channel for those who are considering doing the same thing. It’s also great because it’s one of the few cruising channels that is powerboat-focused instead of sailing-focused.

ALFRED MONTANER (Boat Shows, Reviews and Boat Ramp Chaos)

Alfred Montaner is another South Florida native who focuses on boating. However, his content is mainly about boat shows, boat reviews and boat ramp chaos. It’s a pretty entertaining channel with a home grown, unpolished feel. I enjoy it because it’s simple and Alfred has a happy attitude and strong passion for boats.

I utilize the service and benefits of Boat U.S.  They are a great organization that every boater should consider. You should too.  Click HERE to learn more. 

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