Peck Lake

Hobe Sound, FL

My favorite section of the east coast of Florida is from Palm Beach Gardens north to Stuart.  Contained within that area are a ton of amazing locations; one of which is “Peck Lake”.  Peck Lake is special because it’s an oasis of nature that requires a boat to access and also has an amazing beach that’s park of the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge.

Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

The Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge was consists of over 1,000 acres of pristine refuge established in 1969 and was created to protect the numerous loggerhead and green turtles that frequent the area.

How to Access the Beach

To access the oceanside beach, you’ll park your boat on the bayside and then walk through a tropical pathway to the beach.  The pathway is very nice and has a canopy of sea grapes and coconut palms.  There are no boardwalks, facilities or lifeguards so plan accordingly.  The walk to the beach is short and the sand is soft and deep.  

Where to Park Your Boat

The ideal spot to park your boat is as close to the cluster of coconut palms as possible.  The location will also be marked by a wooden tower/marker situated just off the bayside shoreline.  Also, the water has plenty of depth from the intracoastal to the shoreline.  You’ll likely see a few sailboats and cruising vessels moored in the area.  Simply navigate around them on your way to the beach.

The Beach

The beach is nice and wide and, most importantly, sparsely populated.  The population is limited because of the small number of parking spaces for boats.  The sand is nice and the water is usually beautiful (on the day I filmed the water wasn’t as clear because it had been stirred up from several days of rough seas).

Most Convenient Boat Ramps

The most convenient boat ramp to use is the ramp at Jimmy Graham Park.  You can find specific information on that ramp HERE. Although farther away, there’s also another ramp located in the Manatee Pocket at Sandsprit Park.  

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27.11’47”N 80.14’12”W

Bay & Beach

Granular Dark Brown Sand

As Close to the Cluster of Coconut Palms as Possible/Near the Tower

Jimmy Graham Park Boat Ramp (about a mile away)

Calm on Bayside/Varies on Oceanside

Bayside is Deep Until Steep Bottom Rise at Beach/Oceanside is Gradual

Bayside is Calm/Oceanside has Waves


Bayside is Dark but Clean/Oceanside Very Clean & Clear


Shrimpers (Located in Manatee Pocket)

Pirates Cove Marina (Located in Manatee Pocket)



Pirates Cove Marina

Hutchinson Island Marriott Resort & Marina


Click on the 360 Video below for an immersive look at this location

If using a mobile device use the YouTube app for the optimal experience

Peck Lake Boats Anchored

Peck Lake Looking South

Peck Lake Beach Path

Peck Lake Beach Path 2

Peck Lake Beach Looking South

Peck Lake Beach Looking North

Peck Lake Coconut Palm Tree

Peck Lake Beach Path 2







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